How Sports Fans Can Get Closer to Pro Athletes During Coronavirus

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For a quarter century Rob Cornilles has been known as the “sales coach for sports.” His firm, Game Face, Inc., pioneered executive training for professional and collegiate sports teams and has since advised more than 40,000 executives at more than 300 sports brands worldwide, forever changing how sports and entertainment properties connect with their fans.  


Talking Points from Rob Cornilles 
on How Fans Can Get Closer to Pro Athletes During the Coronavirus:

In these uncertain times, every industry has been affected by the Coronavirus. In the world of sports, disappointment is seemingly spread evenly among everyone—players and fans alike. With current sporting seasons coming to a complete halt, there is still a way for players and fans to stay connected. The answer is through the use of technology. 

Technology Can help bridge the gap

  • Through technology, imagine being invited into your favorite athlete’s home. How cool would that be?! Most fans never get to see a player in his personal space. They only know them with a uniform on. Players can introduce fans to their families, hobbies, and pets, etc.
  • Through technology, fans can watch a player’s personal workout as they’re getting ready to resume play.
  • Through technology, fans can participate in coach meetings.
  • Through technology, fans can sit in on a meeting with team executives strategizing about marketing, advertising pitches, promotions, and game entertainment.

So during this unprecedented time when games are shutting down, franchises can feature players and coaches via video conferencing and let fans see a unique side of the game. This could be an interesting and fun opportunity for fans to get to be an insider to their favorite sports.


Interview: Rob Cornilles.

Rob Cornilles is the Founder and CEO of Game Face. Today, its proprietary methodologies are being adopted in such diverse markets as tech, professional and financial services, retail, law, media, and manufacturing. When not training professional and collegiate organizations, Rob serves as an adjunct professor at Brigham Young University’s Marriott School and Maryville University (St. Louis, MO). His upcoming book, From Backboards to Boardrooms, is due out later this year.

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