How to Be an Active Listener at Work and Home

Interview: Carol Barkes

Some talking points for an interview on
how to be an active listener:

  1.  Be present—seriously present. Listen to hear, not to respond.
  2. Respond with comments about what the person just said, rather than new information.
  3. Ask questions to get more details out of the other person. Ask every question possible before adding more information.
  4. Make sure you are in the place to listen. If not, schedule a time you can talk. Clear away distractions. Shut down the phone, computer, etc. Make sure background noise is not a problem.
  5. Ask the person to slow down if they are talking too fast. Our brains can only handle 5–7 chunks of information at a time so you can listen better if other people speak more briefly.

Available for Interviews: Carol Barkes

Carol Barkes, CPM, is a trend-setting mediator, business executive and educator specializing in the use of neuroscience to improve business performance, interpersonal communications, negotiation and conflict resolution processes for optimally successful results. She is also a speaker, educator, and author of the bestselling book: Success Breakthroughs.

Jo Allison
PR Managing Editor
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