Improving Posture for Better Health

Interview one of our Chiropractors on how adults can improve their posture for better health. Here is what one of our healthcare experts can say about posture:
1. Healthy posture is to your spine what a smile is to your face.
2. PAIN means to Pay Attention Inside Now

3. Stand More Sit Less

4. Balance Board Exercises for Better Posture

5. Tech Tools for Better Posture
Addressing technology issues. Overuse of our devices, whether it be smart phones, tablets, or just our ergonomics of how we’re working every single day means we are always  looking down. The easiest thing to do to rectify this potential problem is look up every 20 minutes, get up and walk away from device. Try looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds or even looking up at the ceiling for 20 seconds—that’s going to help impact our patterning and is going to help decrease the overuse of looking down.
Pay attention to sleep problems. We spend a tremendous amount of time sleeping in our lives and if we have the wrong bed, that could cause problems with our posture. A simple solution like improving your pillow, i.e., getting a cervical one—which can help us to maintaining the cervical curve, and is important and can impact one’s overall systemic health.
Take your shoes and socks off. finding the time to take your shoes and your socks off and walk on uneven surfaces like pebbles or sand.  Just by stimulated the muscles on the bottom of our feet could impact our overall posture. Our stability comes from the bottom of our feet, and if we have a really poor platform or foundation, everything above is going to be unstable, too.
If you are concerned about improving your posture see a chiropractor; They are experts in safely correcting posture and improving overall health!

Available for interviews: One of our healthcare media ambassadors.

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