Legalities of Covid Testing

Available for Interviews: Zaki Tamir

Zaki Issac Tamir, Esq., is an international lawyer the founder and managing partner of Tamir Law Group, practicing law in commercial and civil ligation, family law, and business/corporate legal counseling.

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Exercise and Its Correlation in Relieving Dry Eye:

    • People have conflated two things: support of vaccination and support of mandates.
    • There are many people who support vaccination but not the mandates.

    • We WILL see more legal cases around this as this continues. If a government is enforcing a medical procedure, it is creating a real problem for a democracy.  When the government imposes, we become less of a democracy.
    • There are some public safety / emergency laws.  There are some okays for temporary measures, but we are getting very close to a bigger legal issue.
    • The voting booth will have a big impact on this.


Interview: Zaki Tamir

Zaki Tamir, Esq., is the founder and managing partner of Tamir Law Group.

Upon graduation from law school in 2004, Mr. Tamir began his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, NY, where he tried many complex felony trials. He resigned from his position at the DA in 2009 to open the Tamir Law Group.

Since entering private practice, Mr. Tamir has expanded his practice to include commercial and civil litigation, family law, and business/corporate legal counseling. He also continues to specialize in complex criminal matters from DUIs to homicides.

Tamir is also the chairman of the Board of The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council and President of Aliyah Institute in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY.

Under Mr. Tamir’s supervision and guidance, Tamir Law Group has established itself as a successful boutique firm advocating on its clients’ behalf in both State and Federal Courts.

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