Quarantine 15? Lose the Extra Pounds With This Self-Care Plan 

Interview: Dr. Mimi Secor

Dr. Mimi Secor DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP, FAAN, is Nurse Practitioner from the Boston area. She has been specializing in Women’s Health for over 40 years, is a national speaker and consultant, and is an international bestselling author of Debut a New You: Transforming Your Life At Any Age.


Many people are back in the office and also dealing with some extra weight they put in quarantine. Jokes about having the the Quarantine 15 abound. As people start to make their way back to the office, they may also be experiencing anxiety around COVID-19, too, and this could make it difficult to focus on maintaining your ideal weight. Here’s how to both lose those unwanted extra pounds and improve overall health and wellness.

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