Think Twice Before Saying “Yes” to the Flu Vaccine

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Interview Dr. Eldred Taylor to answer all of your women’s health questions regarding hormonal imbalances and how to correct them. Dr. Taylor is a leader in the hormone industry and is passionate about helping women while using a holistic functional medicine approach.

Here’s some talking points from Dr. Taylor
on Flu vaccines and an alternative preventative measure:

You’ve probably seen several pharmacy commercials encouraging you to get the flu shot. But what if you want to fight the flu without the flu shot?

Why is There So Much Pressure?

Forbes and Money magazine reports that pharmacies lobbied for the right to give immunizations. Pharmacies are able to bill insurance for vaccinations. The thought is that if you go into the pharmacy for the flu vaccine you will likely purchase something else. It is not because the flu vaccine is so effective.

More Effective Alternatives
to Prevent the Flu

Dr. John Cannell, founder of the Vitamin D Council, was one of the first to introduce the idea that vitamin D deficiency may actually be an underlying CAUSE of influenza.

The largest nationally representative study of its kind to date discovered that people with the lowest vitamin D levels indeed reported having significantly more colds or cases of the flu. In conclusion, lead author Dr. Adit Ginde stated:

“The findings of our study support an important role for vitamin D in prevention of common respiratory infections, such as colds and the flu.”

IV Vitamin C is Effective Against Viruses

Taylor Medical Wellness Group has used IV vitamin C for several years to prevent and treat viral illnesses! It is effective in the prevention and treatment of all types of viral infections.


Dr. Eldred Taylor , MD, is an expert in functional and anti-aging medicine and is President of the American Functional Medicine Association, a nonprofit which educates healthcare providers and the public on functional (wellness) medicine. He is the co-author of Are Your Hormones Making You Sick? and The Stress Connection. Dr. Taylor is also a sought-after radio and television personality who has been featured in local and national publications. 

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