Alzheimers and Estate Planning: What Everyone Needs to Know

Alzheimers disease can affect any family. Unfortunately, not making some estate planning decisions while your family member is still coherent, can be real trouble.

Jason Smith, Estate planning attorney and Elder planning attorney is available to talk about this story.  (Bio)

What Jason Smith Can Say in an Interview:

  • Healthcare proxies and living wills are vital to everyone.
  • If you don’t take care of things now, you might be given a court appointed guardian—which could be very costly.

  • Children often fight over who will take care of the parent needing care.
  • Most people have NO plan.  If you have no plan, the state will figure it out for you.
  • These continuum care facilities charge high fees and high rent on top of that. This is beyond the reach of most people.
  • Everyone, especially people with Alzheimers, needs to think through all the details ahead of time.  You will suffer and your family will suffer if you don’t.


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