Banks Don’t Have Your Back (They Work Behind It)

Available for Interviews: Harry Abrahamsen

Harry J. Abrahamsen is Founder & CEO Abrahamsen Financial Group. His company offers customized wealth management solutions—creating plans and portfolios that protect, preserve, and grow client’s wealth. He was selected as one of the ten most dependable Wealth Managers in the Mid-Atlantic as published in Forbes magazine.

What Harry Abramhamsen can say in an interview on
The Banking System and How It Affects Your Bottom Line:

People see the Great Recession through the lens of what they themselves experienced and the most popular stories on the news ticker—with a general idea of what the bailout meant, but most people do not know how close America was to falling into another depression. And most people do not realize that the thing that is backing up this bailout is their taxpayer dollars. When the government throws money at a problem, more taxes will be required to make up for it, and inflation goes through the roof. So maybe individuals weren’t as immediately impacted in 2008 as they would have been in the 1930s, but the impact of tax increases and inflation, and speculation, will wreak havoc in their lives in the long term. The banking system is an immense tide that is being held back by a series of weak barriers and bailouts. Your bank is a watery grave, not a trusted institution.

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