How Can You Launch a 6-Figure Business WFH During the Pandemic?

Available for Interviews: Dr. Travis Parry

Travis Parry, PhD, is a speaker, coach, and educator and has a passion for helping others in achieve a healthy work/life balance. Parry is also the author of the #1 bestseller, Achieving Balance: Make Time to Reach Your Business and Personal Goals in an Overworked World. 

What Dr. Parry Can Say in an Interview :

Dr. Parry is a father to six homeschooled kids and was able to launch a 6-figure business during the pandemic, and working part-time! Achieving Work/Life Balance is difficult these days with working from home, kids homeschooling, parents working, etc. However, some business owners are having their best years ever and they evolved to a changing market. Dr. Parry has been helping financial advisors with work-life balance for years and because most are now working remotely, his business has taken off during the pandemic. This is how yours can too.

Focus: Know the short- and long-term goals of your offering

Pivot to where the market is:

      • Do your research-Interview and research your market
      • Understand their cares/concerns not just their buying points, really understand their psychometrics as well
      • Test your message before you create your product


Set clear physical and psychological barriers for family when working from home:

      • Consider work attire
      • Location in the home
      • Noise cancellation software, tech

Create Accountability partners to assist you to do what you need and to keep you from overworking.


      • Set values-based goals
      • Create an Ideal Calendar
      • Protect your Ideal Calendar


Interview: Dr. Travis Parry

Travis Parry, received his masters in psychology and his doctorate in family and human development. He is a speaker, coach, educator, and author of Achieving Balance: Make Time to Reach Your Business and Personal Goals in an Overworked World. Originally started out as a financial advisor twenty years ago, Parry now coaches and speaks in the personal development space, whose primary mission is to help financial professionals and business owners to make healthy relationship and career changes that can positively affect their lives so that they can live with true purpose.

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