I Do Not Need A Will Because My Spouse Will Get Everything

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Jason Smith, Esq. is an estate planning attorney and elder planning attorney and serves clients in Greenwich, CT and Manhattan, NY.

What Jason Smith Can Say in an Interview on Wills:

There are many nuances to wills that people are not knowledgeable about. Unfortunately, not being in the know can affect the owner(s) of a will’s objectives and their intended beneficiaries.

      • If you don’t have a will and you have children, your spouse DOES NOT GET EVERYTHING. Your spouse gets half and the children get half
      • If your children are minors, the court will appoint a guardian to manage their money and your spouse will not be able to access the children’s inheritance for their support.
      • If you don’t have a will or trust with good tax planning provisions, you may have to pay significant and avoidable estate taxes.
      • Your current spouse could cut-off your children from another marriage after your death.
      • Your spouses’ inheritance may all go to pay for their nursing home care. 

Common misconceptions about wills like this one unfortunately surprise and disappoint loved ones. Consulting with an estate attorney will prevent unforeseen problems.


Interview: Jason Smith

Jason Smith, Esq., founded his firm in 2018 in order to deliver concierge-level service to an exclusive clientele in Greenwich and Manhattan, based on the guiding principal that clients deserve “better.” His approach is shaped by close client relationships and well-rounded professional experience in trusts and estates, civil litigation and business consulting, and aims to consistently provide his clients with excellent, thoughtful, tailored legal services and earn his clients’ trust, respect and continued business.

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