No Bachelor’s, No Problem. The Smarter Way to an MBA

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Mat Jacobson is the Founder & CEO of the Ducere Global Business School, and as a thought leader on innovation within education, is creating some of the industry’s most innovative educational platforms and projects. He is a regular media contributor on topics of business, innovation and entrepreneurship, and has appeared in articles including Wealth Creator, Marketing Magazine, Business First, Smart Magazine, Start-Up Smart and Business Builders.

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How Experienced Business Managers Can Achieve a MBA :

  • US colleges and universities require a bachelor’s degree in order to be accepted into an MBA program. This is the traditional pathway for all universities around the world. But many world-class international universities have flexibility and options for MBA entry.

  • Consider the suitability of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson or a Michael Dell to enter an MBA. Do they have the intelligence and experience to do an MBA? Of course, that’s why every Ivy League would invite them to guest lecture to their MBA Class.
  • However, US colleges would in fact reject Gates, Branson’s applications for an MBA, as they don’t meet the rigid, singular entry test. 
  • World Class international universities, such as the centuries old University of East London, or University of Wales, would welcome such business leaders, based on their proven track record of years of professional experience. 

US managers can now undertake a fully online, world-class university MBA, based on 5+ years of demonstrated management experience, no bachelors degree required.


Interview: Mat Jacobson

Mat Jacobson is Founder of the Ducere Global Business School, which has been recognized by the State of California, the US Congress as well as numerous global awards for transforming access to higher education. He is a global leader in disrupting the education sector, and has founded three education startups (The prior two were ultimately sold to publicly listed companies.).

As the founder of Ducere, Jacobson, together with hundreds of world leaders ranging from Presidents to heads of the UN and CIA and global companies, are transforming education to overcome systemic barriers to be relevant, applied, affordable, and accessible.

Jacobson is also a keynote speaker and has given talks on education innovation from Harvard University to European governments.

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