Achieving Your Dreams in Your Golden Years

Interview Dr. Mimi Secor.

Dr. Mimi Secor has a Doctorate in Nursing Practice, is a Nurse Practitioner and serves the Boston, MA area. She travels extensively and is available for live or remote interviews. Dr. Mimi not only fulfilled her life-long dream to become a doctor, but also took up bodybuilding—no easy task for someone in her early 60s! Dr. Mimi is a shining example that anyone, even people in their 60s and beyond, can accomplish big goals if they just have the will power, plan, and action to fuel them.

From Dr. Mimi on recently achieving her dreams:

 My lifelong dream was to become a doctor. At the age of 59 I returned to graduate school and earned my doctorate degree at age 61. I was the oldest in my class and not only was I honored to be chosen as the student speaker at our graduation, but I also received the Student Service Award for my contributions to the nurse practitioner profession.

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