When Depression Comes Out as Anger: Causes and Solutions

Interview with Dr. Colleen Cira

Dr. Colleen Cira is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in Women and Trauma, and has worked with hundreds of people struggling with mental health issues for over twenty years.

Talking Points from Dr. Cira
On Anger & Depression:

Why do people suffering from depression often get angry?

  • Being depressed zaps our energy and makes everything seem harder, including thinking and feeling. Essentially, someone who is depressed has very limited emotional bandwidth.
  • If you’re low on energy and patience, everything is going to seem like a chore, including interacting with people. Every last bit of energy you do have is going inward, just trying to put one foot in front of another, so that’s a lot less energy you have to be kind, thoughtful, or empathic.

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