Doctors Share Myths & Tips for Treating Menopause

Available for Interviews: 
Dr. Karyn Eilber, Dr. Jennifer Anger, Dr. Victoria Scott

Interview one or all of the “Down There Doctors.” Dr. Eilber, Dr. Anger, and Dr. Scott are a team of urogynecologists and a powerful resource for all things people are generally hesitant to discuss. They are also the authors of the newly released book, A Woman’s Guide to Her Pelvic Floor: What the F*@# Is Going on Down There?

What the Doctors Can Say about
the Latest in Women’s Health:

Myths of Menopause

 1) Hormone replacement therapy is dangerous. The risks are actually very low, and hormones can be very effective in managing symptoms of menopause.

 2) Menopause will affect one’s memory and mood. Although hot flashes and symptoms of menopause can impact one’s mood, menopause does not cause depression. Similarly, memory loss can occur with aging, but not menopause.

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