Getting Rid of Debt May Actually Make Your Brain Work Better

Interview:  Michael Taggart

Talking Points:

  • Researchers at the National University of Singapore’s Social Service Research Centre studied 200 low-income people who unexpectedly had portions of their debt paid down by a charity.


Americans Buried in Credit Card Debt: How to Get Out

Interview:  Michael Taggart


70% of Americans With Credit Card Debt Admit They Can’t Pay It Off This Year

  • A recent study by Clever found that only 30% of credit card holders believe they’ll pay it off within a year, and that 47% of card holders carry a balance from month to month.
  • The vast majority of people that hold credit cards hold a balance which puts them further behind financially and makes the banks billions of dollars a year. Continue reading “Americans Buried in Credit Card Debt: How to Get Out”