Biggest Money Mistakes People Make

Available for Interviews: Mario Payne, CFP

Mario Payne is a Certified Personal Planner and is the Founder of TOAMS Financial in Jacksonville and brings over 15 years of investment experience to his business. He is also the author of the forthcoming book, The R.e.l.a.x. Investor: A Stress-Free Approach to Investing While Building Wealth.

What Mario Payne could say on
Money Mistakes:

  • Neglecting to Budget and Track Spending. Many people fail to create or follow a monthly budget, which can lead to overspending and failing to save or invest adequately. The lack of visibility into where their money goes each month can make it difficult for them to make informed decisions about their spending habits.

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5 Essential Strategies to Talk About Money With Kids

Available for Interviews: Chris Janeway

Chris Janeway is Founder & CEO Fourth Point Wealth and coaches investors throughout southern CA.  He is also a national speaker, financial coach and an advocate for financial literacy.

What Chris Janeway can say in an interview about
Kids & Money

Kids aren’t taught about money in school or often at home.  We don’t know how to appropriately teach good money habits.  Often, this is because we haven’t ever gotten educated ourselves.

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Avoid These 5 Retirement Planning Mistakes

Available for Interviews: Chris Janeway

Chris Janeway is Founder & CEO Fourth Point Wealth and coaches investors throughout southern CA.  He is also a national speaker, financial coach, and advocate for financial literacy.

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Retirement Mistakes to Avoid:

 1. Failure to Launch. Not getting the retirement investing clock started early in your career is the absolute biggest mistake we see. The power of time in the market is what makes the major difference in your future and getting started as early as possible, even with a small amount, can make a massive impact on your plan’s longevity.

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Why Are US Colleges 1000% More Expensive Than International Ones?

Available for Interviews: Mat Jacobson

Mat Jacobson is the Founder & CEO of the Ducere Global Business School, and as a thought leader on innovation within education, is creating some of the industry’s most innovative educational platforms and projects. He is a regular media contributor on topics of business, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and has appeared in articles including Wealth Creator, Marketing Magazine, Business First, Smart Magazine, Start-Up Smart, and Business Builders.

What Mat Jacobson can say in an interview on the
Overly Costly of Admission to US Colleges

US colleges, in comparison to world-class international universities,  are 1000% more expensive, take twice as long to graduate, and require years of classes that have no relevance to a student’s career. Has the global pandemic finally opened students’ eyes to a world of online smarter alternatives?

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The Shocking Truth… Most Wealthy People Do Have Debt!

Available for Interviews: Lauren Oschman

Lauren Oschman, CFP® is a certified financial planner specializing in financial strategies, tax planning, and is an expert in helping physicians manage their finances.

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Debt Strategies of the Wealthy:

Wealthy have debt. They just plan and use their money differently.

      • Public opinion puts a lot of emphasis on being debt-free, but interestingly when you look at many wealthy and financially successful people’s balance sheets, they DO have debt, and sometimes lots of it! 
      • The secret to wealth doesn’t lie in being debt-free, but rather in using each dollar to accomplish its most valuable purpose. 

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Should You Dump Your 401(k)?

Available for Interviews: Harry Abrahamsen

Harry J. Abrahamsen is Founder & CEO Abrahamsen Financial Group. His company offers customized wealth management solutions—creating plans and portfolios that protect, preserve, and grow client’s wealth. He was selected as one of the ten most dependable Wealth Managers in the Mid-Atlantic as published in Forbes magazine.


What Harry Abramhamsen can say in an interview about
Our 401(k) and Financial Security:

The Pre-tax vs Post Tax Planning Myth

One thing we know are facts of today, but no one can predict the facts of the future. Today you may be married with children. You may have a home with a mortgage. If you wanted you could simply call your CPA and find out what your marginal tax is and how much you owe. 

The challenge is not knowing what the future holds. All too often people rely on what “worked” in the past when the facts of today are vastly different from 20 years ago. 

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Achieving Financial Wellness in 2020

Interview Kathleen E. Owings.

Financial Advisor, Kathleen Owings can discuss the topic of how to go about finding and hiring the right financial planner for your individual or family needs.

Talking  points that Kathleen Owings
on Achieving Financial Wellness:

Managing one’s money isn’t just good for supporting yourself or your bottom line; It is essential for good mental and overall health. Money problems can be detrimental to your health and the relationships of those around you. Money problems can also cause stress on marriages and impact your children, too. Developing good money habits can not only be personally beneficial, but also something you can pass onto your children so they develop those healthy habits, too.

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Practical Tips for Dealing With Debt

Interview Kathleen Owings.

Kathleen Owings, a Financial Advisor and Principal Owners of Westbilt Financial Group, can discuss some simple, yet practical ways that people can get get out of debt and get their finances back on track.

Talking points that Kathleen Owings
On Overcoming Debt

Debt can be very overwhelming and may make one feel like he or she has no control over your finances. 

How to Negotiate Medical Bills

Interview: Carol Barkes


This comes from a communications expert, Carol Barkes. Here are some talking points for an interview on how to negotiate medical bills:

1.Make yourself have the difficult conversation.Many times, people avoid communicating about bills that they cannot pay. This makes their position much weaker and potentially escalates the bill to a collection agency. Instead, have the difficult conversations and be honest about your capabilities to repay. Your honesty and lack of avoiding the situation will typically create a more collaborative relationship with the provider.

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The Shame Associated With Credit Card Debt

People would rather talk about how much they weigh than reveal how much credit card debt they owe.

Interview:  Michael Taggart


  • A recent survey by found that 47% of Americans felt uncomfortable discussing their credit card debt with anyone and only 19% who were uncomfortable talking about their weight.
  • Struggling with debt brings up a host of negative emotions like guilt, shame and embarrassment, so many people hide the problem.
  • Hiding the problem almost always makes it worse as interest rates rise and late payments pile up. You have to get it out in the open and see the monster for what he is before you can defeat it.

Following the 4-step C.A.R.E. method gives people the tools and plan to break free of the credit card debt traps and get on the road to a debt free future.


Available for Interviews: Michael Taggart

Michael Taggart is the co-founder of, author of “Goodbye Debt, Hello Future,” and has been helping people get relief from debt and avoid bankruptcy for over a decade. In 2018 alone, he helped 321,611 people with plans for how to overcome $10,008,814,180.00 in debt. He is a devoted husband and father that is passionate about helping people and families create a better financial future for themselves.

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