Avoid the COVID Scare: How to Be Extra Safe This Halloween

Available for Interviews: Leonard Butterman

Leonard Butterman is the President of BioSafe Gloves, LLC. Right now we have face masks and rubber gloves for safety but there’s a big problem. Neither kills viruses. In fact, the gloves people use now just move viruses and bacteria around. There is a new tool on the market, BioSafe Gloves. These gloves kill viruses.

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What Leonard Butterman can say in an interview:

    • Stay safe this Halloween season!
    • BioSafe Gloves is a new product that kills viruses [see news release].
    • Our company has created the BioSafe Gloves. These gloves stop the spread and growth of viruses on contact.
    • The Global Virus Network has confirmed that our gloves kill COVID-19 as well as other viruses. [See news release]. 
    • Make Halloween safer with BioSafe Gloves. Germs are a big concern on Halloween. They are on the candy wrappers, door knobs, door bells, etc. 
    • The best way to protect yourself is to use BioSafe Gloves along with a mask. 
    • This is groundbreaking new step in the fight against COVID. It is the first glove that prevents the spread and growth of bacteria on the glove. Its game-changing technology. The gloves are treated with BioProtect TM
    • Food SafeEPA registered, FDA approved antimicrobial. 
    • The chemical is proven to last for up to 30 days once you start wearing the gloves.

Commercial of BioSafe Gloves
as seen on CNN and Fox:

BioSafe Gloves

“In today’s world, we can all better protect ourselves now with BioSafe Gloves. Wearing these gloves and doing everyday activities will make the world a safer place.”    –Leonard Butterman


Interview: Leonard Butterman

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