Why Do Some Women Pee When They Laugh?

Available for Interviews: 
Dr. Karyn Eilber, Dr. Jennifer Anger, Dr. Victoria Scott

Interview one or all of the “Down There Doctors.” Dr. Eilber, Dr. Anger, and Dr. Scott are a team of urogynecologists and a powerful resource for all things people are generally hesitant to discuss. They are also the authors of the newly released book, A Woman’s Guide to Her Pelvic Floor: What the F*@# Is Going on Down There?

What the Doctors Can Say about
the Importance of Kegal Exercises:

Kegel exercises, which are also called pelvic floor exercises, can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles by supporting the organs in the pelvis, like your bladder, bowel, and vagina, and assist in various bodily functions.

    • Kegel Exercises really are important: The tighter and stronger, the better. While a strong pelvic floor is very important for supporting your pelvic organs and preventing accidental loss of urine, stool, and gas, ensuring you know how to relax your pelvic floor is equally important! Know how to do your kegel exercises, but also how to use diaphragmatic breathing to relax it.

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