What Is Night Eating Syndrome?

Available for Interviews: Dr. Franchell Hamilton

Dr. Franchell Hamilton, MD, FACS, FASMBS, is the Founder of A Better Weigh Center–a place for people to receive treatments ranging from bariatric surgery and medical weight loss to hormone therapy. Dr. Hamiltion is also the author of two books, Transformation Is a Mindset: The Journey to Changing Your Input and Your World and And the Best Diet Is . . . .

What Dr. Hamilton could say on
Night Eating Syndrom:

This is a real problem. People wake up in the middle of the night and binge eat.  Dr. Hamilton can talk about what this is and how to deal with it.
    • Night Eating Syndrome is an eating disorder in which a person consumes a large amount of food at night—at least 25% of their daily food intake. This takes place after dinner and/or occurs in the middle of the night, and sleep is typically interrupted.

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