[Personal Interest Story]: Why This Once Elite Athlete Now Sports & Nutrition Expert Supports Simone Biles

Available for Interviews:  Tibor Deme

Tibor Deme is a Sports & Nutrition Specialist, Elite Personal Trainer, and Habit Transformation Expert. He is also the Founder of LifeBoostFit and accompanying app.

What Tibor Deme can say in an interview about
His personal story in competing in Hungary:

      • Tibor Deme competed in the Gold Badge Pre-Olympic team in communist Hungary.
      • He supports and applauds Simone Biles’s difficult decision.
      • What happened with Simone would have never happened in a communist regime. The athletes do not have the power to say that they are not feeling well mentally and don’t want to compete.
      • There was no choice to make personal decisions regarding our sports career in a communist country like Hungary.

      • The trainers would not have given us the chance to stop. “I was in and out of the sports hospital. The mentality was, the show must go on! They clearly did not care about us but the bigger picture of achievement,” says Tibor Deme.
      • The communist regime has chosen athletes when they are between 6-7 years old. It was not a personal decision. Why? Because the communist country was (and maybe still is) chasing glory through its athletes, no matter the athlete’s personal feelings or willingness to compete.
      • Athletes began receiving paychecks when they were 13-years-old, and under one condition: having a gold Badge recognition status. (Tibor Deme reached that level.)
      • Back then there was no mental sports therapy. There were no nutrition guidelines either.


Interview: Tibor Deme

Tibor Deme is a Sports & Nutrition Specialist, Habit Transformation Expert, and Certified Elite Personal Trainer, is the owner of LifeBoostFit. LifeFitBoost is a program that kickstarts your healthy lifestyle by combining hand-delivered, nutrient-rich meals OR DIY Nutritional Support, coupled with an in-home or in-office Personal Training and a HabitBoost™ Mind-Strengthening Series. He also provides in-home or office nutrition and fitness services for the Los Angeles, CA area.

With Tibor’s new LifeBoostFit app, newly launching in the App Store this month, he hopes to broaden awareness of the importance of nutrition in disease prevention and quality of life. His philosophy is, ‘obesity is not a shame, it’s a symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle.’ Tibor, who has helped so many on their personal journeys towards a healthy lifestyle, often says: “It is much easier to engage in healthy living at whatever stage of life we’re in than it is to try and  ‘get healthy’ when we fall ill.”


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