3 Tips Before Jumping Back Into Dating After a Divorce

Available for Interviews:Carol Barkes


Carol Barkes, CPM, MBA, is a conflict resolution expert, mediator, national speaker, educator and bestselling author who uniquely applies neuroscience to the fields of conflict resolution and negotiations. Her expert perspective is always fresh and relevant.


Some Talking Points from Carol Barkes Can Say in an Interview
on Dating After Divorce:


1)  Work to check your intrinsic biases. Roughly 98% of our thoughts are unconsciously driven and our brains are fairly lazy seeking to conserve energy. Our brains also look for patterns. Consequently, a new person in our lives may do something that makes our brain connect the dots back to something our ex’s did and we can have an inappropriate reaction. Instead, observe your thoughts and question why you are reacting the way you are. It may have nothing to do with your present relationship.

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