Telehealth + How Chiropractors Play an Essential Role Today

Interview:  Jason Deitch.

Jason Deitch, is a Doctor of Chiropractic, author, and speaker. He speaks on health & wellness trends and role of chiropractic care in family wellness. He is also the best-selling author of Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich.


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Telehealth + How Chiropractors Play an Essential Role Today

Chiropractors now play an essential role for people who can’t access the traditional health care system . . .

How can a chiropractor
help you during these Pandemic times

  • Our nations entire health care system is being reinvented in real time right in front of our eyes.
  • Most hospitals are not accepting patients for musculoskeletal pain and all elective surgeries have been cancelled.

  • Chiropractors are filling an essential role in helping people who no longer have access to the traditional health care system and might not for months, maybe years.
  • Chiropractors, whether their physical practices are open or closed, are adapting to these time by playing an essential role by offering new Telehealth services for people seeking:
        • Counseling for increased pain due to the emotional stress of Social Distancing and Shelter in Place guidelines
        • Organic pain-relieving exercises recommendations
        • “Check-in & check-up” Telehealth sessions with a lifestyle-oriented doctor
        • Nutritional counseling, stress-management coaching, ergonomic evaluations for at-home offices and more
      • We have close to 1000 doctors sign up for our
        This is a public service campaign for your healthcare practice to stay active, stay engaged, and demonstrate your leadership.
      • The Smart Chiropractors QuickStart Guide to Telehealth was recently launched. Telehealth Reference Guide (pdf)

A New paradigm

Here’s a link to an informative interview Dr. Deitch conducted with Dr. Arno Burnier on what you can do to stay safe and stay well today:

Available for Interviews: Jason Deitch.

Dr. Jason Deitch launched featuring The Smart Chiropractors Quickstart Guide to Telehealth. Additionally, brings wellbeing to life by delivering counseling and coaching services to locally-based adults and children at its historic, vintage-themed clinical counseling center nestled on 4 acres in the heart of Byron Center, MI.

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