Weekend Warrior Syndrome: Avoid Common Injuries This Summer

Do you like to catch up on physical activity on the weekend? Exercise is great, but unfortunately there are some common injuries. Good news, you can.

Here is what one of our Chiropractic Health and Wellness experts can say: 

  • Sitting 40 hours a week VS. High levels of exercise on the weekend can often lead to injury.
  • We all know that person that only hits the gym on the weekend, many times for that swimsuit body. Some are likely trying to relive some glory days. As time goes on, our bodies have trouble with it.
  • If you go full tilt, 100%, only 20% of the time, you are likely headed toward injury.

Here is how Chiropractic helps:

  • It can help minimize injury and maximize performance (by optimizing your nervous system.)
  • We can help that injured warrior out of the pain by counseling. Maybe give 50% on those weekends so they have less injuries.
  • Recommend eating anti-inflammatory foods and healthy fats so your joints are working better.
  • Get spinal adjustments. Spinal misalignments are like trying to hammer a bent nail.
  • We recommend to our patients, among other things, proper stretches and exercises before activity is very important for minimizing injury
  • Hydration is a big one that people forget especially during the summer. (Hydrating with the water is usually your best choice.) For your basic weekend warrior, water is really the best choice.


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