Female Power: Moving Companies are Not Always Brawny College Guys

Available for Interview: Kate DeWald, CEO, OnCue.

Ms. DeWald leads Oncue,  a moving industry company whose leadership team is majority female. In 2019 movers generated over $12M in revenue and performed 18,481 jobs with Oncue.

Female Power: Moving Companies Are Not Always Brawny College Guys

The unparalleled mass exodus from big cities, spurred on by COVID, has transformed working life. While this transition was catalyzed by shelter-in-place restrictions, people are reimagining lifestyle and priorities in ways that will have a permanent impact on businesses and communities. This is creating a huge opportunity for the moving industry. Similar to the other industries thriving in 2020, like food delivery, telemedicine, and ed tech, the $14 billion moving industry is growing at an inconceivable rate, with no end in sight.
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Festival Pass (Like “Moviepass”) Ramps Up During Covid

Available for Interviews: Ed Vincent, CEO, FestivalPass.com.

FESTIVAL PASS is the world’s first live events subscription service across music, film, food & wine, theater, tech & innovation and more. Enjoy thousands of events locally and globally for one monthly fee.
      • South by Southwest (SXSW), Comedy, Country music concerts are not going away during this time. In fact, they are building up speed.
      • Festival pass (similar to Moviepass but for festivals and live events) is helping people plan and attend those events we miss so much.
      • Some events like South By Southwest are virtual. This is an opportunity to easily get your ticket and attend.  Some are in person with restrictions.
      • While this might seem counterintuitive, Festival Pass is betting that you’ll be doubling down on live events as more become vaccinated, and they plan to be ready. Continue reading “Festival Pass (Like “Moviepass”) Ramps Up During Covid”

Valentines Dating During Covid – Is it Virtual? Cancelled?

Available for Interviews: Meredith Golden.

Meredith Golden is a dating expert, dating  app ghostwriter (she’ll write for people who have trouble with what to say), and Founder of SpoonMeetSpoon, a place where people can get help with all aspects of dating, both on and off the dating apps. Continue reading “Valentines Dating During Covid – Is it Virtual? Cancelled?”

Financial Planning During the Pandemic: 3 Smart Opportunities

Available for Interviews: Jason J. Smith, Estate planning attorney and Elder planning attorney is available to talk about this topic.

Those who are blessed with financial security during these turbulent times are uniquely situated to take advantage of three smart planning opportunities that have sprung up from the major market downturn resulting from the coronavirus outbreak.

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Want to Build a Business? You Need a Book

Available for Interviews:  Trevor Crane,
Publisher, Epic Author Publishing

Trevor Crane is an entrepreneur, author and speaker dedicated to helping you take your life and your business to the next level. For over a decade, he has worked relentlessly to help people from  around the world turn their passions into books, and be able to actually turn them into a business.  His latest passion is helping kids to realize they have something to contribute and can become published authors. He and his daughter are on a mission to help 1000 kids become authors.


What Trevor Crane Could Say in an Interview on
Why It’s Important to Have a Book

Gain Control of Your Anxiety Naturally

Available for Interviews: Dr. Eldred Taylor

Eldred Taylor, M.D. is a well-known, dynamic speaker and expert on Holistic Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine. He is the co-author of two must-read books, Are Your Hormone Making You Sick? and The Stress Connection, and also a sought-after radio and television personality who has been featured in local and national publications.

What Dr. Taylor can say in an interview about anxiety:

You’re anxious, worried, freaked-out. You’re upset about money, health, work, family, love . . . the list goes on. Your heart is beating fast, your breathing is shallow and rapid, your mind is imagining doom, and you wish you could just relax NOW.  Whether you have an anxiety disorder or are just freaking out, you may not want to try prescriptions—at least not yet.

Difference Between Anxiety and Fear

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What Do Hormones Have to Do With Your Mental Well-Being?

Available for Interviews: Dr. Eldred Taylor

Here are some short bullets from Dr. Taylor to give you a sense of what he could say on this story:

  • Getting the full picture of what’s going on hormonally in the body helps to get on the right path to mental wellbeing.
  • These symptoms mimic bipolar disorder. Many times people are told they are dealing with bipolar but are never tested for hormone issues.  This is a big problem because it can absolutely be a hormone issue. Continue reading “What Do Hormones Have to Do With Your Mental Well-Being?”

Lockdown Basics on Physical Fitness at Home

Available for Interviews: Dr. Michael Evangel

Dr. Michael S. Evangel, Chiropractic Physician, is the owner of the Chiropractic Wellness Center in Ramsey, NJ. For over 30 years, his mission is to provide state of the art, high-quality care to people of all ages.


What Dr. Mike Evangel could say on this:

      • If you are working from home, get up 5 minutes every hour and exercise! This will increase your productivity, improve your circulation and reduce “cabin fever.”
      • Some exercises that you can do without equipment include pushups, planks, ab exercises. wall half squats, squat thrusts and Burpee exercises. You can also make up your own exercises using your imagination and various household articles. 

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Kids & Smartphones: Text Neck Concerns

“Young people are growing horns. . . Phone use is to blame. (Washington Post, 6/20/2019)

Available for Interviews:  Dr. Jason Deitch

Jason Deitch, is a Doctor of Chiropractic, author, international speaker, and social media expert.. He speaks on health & wellness trends and role of chiropractic care in family wellness. He is also the best-selling author of Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich. 

What Dr. Deitch can say in an interview on Text Neck:

  • “Text neck” has become a modern problem due to the rise in use in computers, laptops, and handheld devices—especially smartphones. Millions of children are walking around and looking down at their smartphones for far too long, becoming victims of text neck.
  • The increase in use of computers in school and access to smartphones (even at school) has led to a lifestyle of teens looking down. This is becoming a danger to their health & well-being.

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