America in Crisis – This is Our Go Time

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Ron Karr is a Leadership and Influence Expert who presents to organizations worldwide and coaches CEO’s and Leadership Teams. He is the creator of the Velocity Mindset® and author of the CEO Bestselling Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way.

Pitch Topic: America in Crisis – This is Our Go Time

What Ron Karr Can Say In an Interview:

-It may not feel like it today, but in times like these, America rises up to the challenge and is better afterwards.  We can do this.

-This is a time to call clients, customers, those we serve, in a spirit of help vs. selling

-The cortisol, stress hormone is at a high.  We need to focus on others and their needs. 

-Create an environment where people feel safe to talk

-To influence others in a crisis, call with an authentic spirit of help. See how they are doing, weathering the storm, ask what they are dealing with.

-Engage others, find ways to work together.  This not only solves business problems, but life problems.  We are separated but not apart.

-Empathy must be genuine. If we tap into empathy, we can all help each other get past this… faster.


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