How My Daughter Became an 11-Time Bestseller

Available for Interviews:  Trevor Crane,
Publisher, Epic Author Publishing

Trevor Crane is an entrepreneur, author and speaker dedicated to helping you take your life and your business to the next level. For over a decade, he has worked relentlessly to help people from  around the world turn their passions into books, and be able to actually turn them into a business.  His latest passion is helping kids to realize they have something to contribute and can become published authors. He and his daughter are on a mission to help 1000 kids become authors.

How My Daughter Became an 11-time Bestseller

What Trevor Crane Could Say In an Interview:

  • I believe everybody can and should write a book.
  • Any child can become an author.
  • I believe kids are the most creative people on the planet.
  • And I wanted to prove it by having my daughter, write a book
  • . . . and then build a business behind it. 
  • I will break down the system on how she did it.
  • First I told her that she could and she believed me so she had to believe that she could.
  • And then I gave her the guidance to help her do it.
  • And then she became a best selling author on her eighth birthday.
  • She wrote her book about her what she loved, which at the time was her kitties, so she wrote a book about the three ninja kitties.
  • So I believe that people should write about things that they are passionate about. 
  • Because of the experience I had with my daughter. I now help other kids to become not just authors, but best selling authors
  • My daughter also has a mission. My daughter’s on a mission to help 1000 kids become authors.
  • My daughter and I now teach a program to other kids on becoming an author

Interviews:  Trevor Crane.

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