How to Control and Prevent Chronic Inflammation

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Tibor Deme is a Sports & Nutrition Specialist, Elite Personal Trainer, and Habit Transformation Expert. He is also the Founder of LifeBoostFit and accompanying application.

What Tibor Deme can say in an interview about
Chronic Inflammation:

Chronic inflammation is slow and insidious. Unfortunately, a constant state of inflammation over time can be very dangerous for our health. It lingers in the body, and it can be years until we start to feel the impact of it.

What Are the Symptoms of Chronic Inflammation?

    •     High blood pressure
    •     Obesity
    •     Type II Diabetes
    •     Heart attack
    •     Cancer
    •     Stroke . . .

. . . and many more. Sadly, NEARLY HALF of the US population is unknowingly suffering from this progressive condition. 

What Are Some of the Signs of Chronic Inflammation?

    •     Lack of energy/fatigue
    •     Constant headaches
    •     Muscle aches
    •     Joint pain
    •     Change in weight
    •     Depression
    •     Anxiety
    •     Digestive issues such as constipation and/or IBS . . .
  • . . . and many more. To reiterate, chronic inflammation can become dangerous over time. However, it’s ENTIRELY PREVENTABLE.  You can take control of your health!How Can We Prevent Chronic Inflammation? 

    Small steps can lead to staggering changes. It’s been proven time and time again that ‘yo-yo’ diets DON’T WORK, because they don’t include Behavioral Modification. The only real way to optimize health is to cultivate a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE that is sustainable for you for the rest of your long, healthy life. 

    If we don’t know how to invest, we seek advice from a financial advisor. If you can’t control your eating behavior on your own in a sustainable way, you don’t need shame. You need a “Life Coach for Health.” 

    The LifeBoostFit app offers one-on-one guidance from Certified Professionals: Habit Transformation, individualized Nutrition programs, and Fitness at all levels.


Interview: Tibor Deme

Tibor Deme is a Sports & Nutrition Specialist, Habit Transformation Expert, and Certified Elite Personal Trainer, is the owner of LifeBoostFit. LifeFitBoost is a program that kickstarts your healthy lifestyle by combining hand-delivered, nutrient-rich meals OR DIY Nutritional Support, coupled with an in-home or in-office Personal Training and a HabitBoost™ Mind-Strengthening Series. He also provides in-home or office nutrition and fitness services for the Los Angeles, CA area.

With Tibor’s new LifeBoostFit app, newly launching in the App Store this month, he hopes to broaden awareness of the importance of nutrition in disease prevention and quality of life. His philosophy is, ‘obesity is not a shame, it’s a symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle.’ Tibor, who has helped so many on their personal journeys towards a healthy lifestyle, often says: “It is much easier to engage in healthy living at whatever stage of life we’re in than it is to try and  ‘get healthy’ when we fall ill.”

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