How to End Yo-Yo Dieting in 2021

Spring is here and this is a popular time of year when people start their diets again, in the endless aim to lose—and try to keep off—those extra pounds. Such blind positivism! We all know that diets don’t work are not the solution for any positive, long-term results. Read on for some practical tips from a prominent nurse practitioner who is a health and fitness advocate. . . .

Here are a few things Dr. Secor could say in an interview:

  • First: Stop dieting! This is about a healthy nutritional plan.  You shouldn’t feel deprived. Doing so will only be a temporary fix that will ultimately fail in the long run.

  • Identify health foods you enjoy. When you make a list of the healthy foods that you like to eat and make sure they’re in the house or at work, you’ll be better able to make healthy choices—and not grab the easy, bad stuff.
  • Analyze your mindset. When you do so you can dial in what you INDIVIDUALLY need to do to implement positive change in your life. You will not have any sustainable changes until you deal with your mind’s gremlin—and all those mental triggers that keep coming up that sabotage your health plan.
  • Commit to YOURSELF.  It will only be temporary if you don’t. When you focus on you and your long-term goals for staying on track with your nutrition and fitness goals, you be better able to stick to them.
  • Extreme Stress requires extreme self-care. You must ramp-up your self-care especially when you are stressed.  People are always thinking they need the right amount of time, but for example, even 1 minute is very valuable for meditating. Spend some time every day doing things that feed your heart and soul. (Listening to music, warm bath, positive TV will nourish the inner you.  It will help you lose weight and maintain it over time because you’re happy.) When we are less stress, we do not tent to emotionally eat.
  • The buddy system. Partner up with a friend who shares the same goals as you. The buddy system really works in helping to support and encourage one another.

Available for Interviews: Dr. Mimi Secor.

Dr. Mimi Secor,
 DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP, FAAN, is a Nurse Practitioner, Educator, Health/Fitness Advocate. She is also a popular National Speaker and Consultant, educating advanced practice clinicians and consumers around the country and the world. She is the author of the #1 International bestselling book, Debut a New You: Transforming Your Life at Any Age.

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