How to Make it Easier to Ask Tough Questions

What Dr. Diane Hamilton can say in an interview:

In my research about the importance of curiosity, I found that four factors hold people back from being successful.

1.) The number one factor was fear.  People often do not like to ask questions or offer ideas at work because they might fear the question makes them look stupid, or they might worry if they look like they know something, someone will just pile more work and responsibility on them without associated compensation.

2.) To make it easier to ask the tough questions, it is important to realize that no question is a dumb question.  Leaders need to embrace that and share that they are open to all questions. What many employees don’t realize is that the majority of leaders fear that people will realize they don’t know as much as everyone thinks they know.

3.) They fear to ask questions and looking dumb as much as anyone. The best leaders are the ones who acknowledge that they do not know everything.  When we acknowledge that we might not know everything, it takes away that need to always ask the “perfect” question. There is no such thing.

4.) All questions are important and they open the door to conversations that are important for meaningful communication.  If asking a question in a group is too big of a first step, try asking in a one-on-one situation first and work your way up to the group exposure.  It is likely the question you have is something a lot of others want to ask as well but have had fear holding them back.


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Dr. Diane Hamilton, author of “It’s Not You… It’s Your Personality: Skills to Survive and Thrive in the Modern Workplace” and “How to Reinvent Your Career: Make More Money Doing What You Love.”

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