Inflation and Pensions: Adjusting for the Future

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Chris Janeway is Founder & CEO Fourth Point Wealth and coaches investors throughout southern CA.  He is also a national speaker, financial coach, and advocate for financial literacy.

What Chris Janeway can say in an interview about
Inflation & Pensions:

      • Inflation isn’t inherently a bad thing for pension systems when it’s under control. Mild inflation is a good thing over time and, if anything, it often helps boost the asset pool under management. The problem we’re seeing now is rampant inflation adding downside volatility to the economy accompanied by rising interest rates. The rising rate environment is adding huge volatility to the bond market, where pension systems and seniors go for safety from risk.

      • The largest victim in this inflationary environment are seniors and those on fixed incomes. The typical pension system gives a 1-2% COLA each year. We’re seeing costs go up by that each month. For those who’ve retired on a fixed income, it’s a massive burden to watch their food and travel costs rise so significantly. For many who’ve budgeted for this income, the increase in costs means running out of assets early in retirement without some other solution.
      • We’re seeing many families, planning for retirement decide to push their future retirement date back to account for the increase in costs of living. For those already in retirement, it’s time to pinch pennies until markets are more stable. Many retirees should think about shopping in bulk again. It may just be you and your spouse, but shopping in bulk at discount wholesale stores like Costco and BJ’s and using the freezer can save massively if we stretch that out over a year. This is potentially hundreds each month in food costs saved.
      • We’ve also seen a large increase in seniors investing in solar for the house and switching to electric vehicles. Cutting out the fuel costs for electricity that you’re generating on your own can be a major saving annually as well.
      • Families, and particularly seniors need to start thinking critically about their budget during times like this. They likely planned on 3% inflation rates ahead of retirement and jumps to 8%+ drastically change that plan.
      • Governments are in a rock-and-a-hard-place situation right now. The economy is slowing while prices are rising rapidly. If they stimulate the economy with more easing, inflation will continue jumping and if they tighten too quickly for inflation, the economy may be hit hard.
      • We should likely encourage, through incentives, more US production of goods moving forward to better control our supply chain. We need to learn from examples like the computer chip shortages, Russian oil, and fertilizers that our farmers rely upon.
      • Where they CAN help, is by easing the supply chain problem. We have much more demand than supply. Easing restrictions, providing tax subsidies, etc., to suppliers to ramp up production could help slow the price increases we’re seeing.  


Interviews: Chris Janeway

Chris Janeway is Founder & CEO Fourth Point Wealth, a wealth management and coaching firm which manages over $100 million, helping families build confidence and grow their wealth.

Chris founded Fourth Point Wealth to fix the broken investor experience. Chris works with individuals and organizations who value collaboration with a financial coach, and he’s developed a process that helps investors identify their goals, pinpoint gaps, and truly understand their wealth. Chris is passionate about client education and believes that, through a clear focus on coaching, investors are more likely to remain confident and committed to their long-term plan and avoid common imprudent decisions that damage our financial future.

When Chris is away from the office, he loves to golf, coach youth sports, and enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, Katy, and their sons, Brennan and Graham.

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