Fall Productivity Strategies During the Endless Summer of COVID

Available for Interviews: Dr. Travis Parry

Travis Parry, PhD, is a speaker, coach, and educator and has a passion for helping others in achieve a healthy work/life balance. Parry is also the author of the #1 bestseller, Achieving Balance: Make Time to Reach Your Business and Personal Goals in an Overworked World. 


What Dr. Parry Can Say in an Interview on Ideal Calendar During COVID :

COVID has turned work/life balance on its head. Financial advisors have struggled with work/life balance before these challenging times—but now with working from home, hybrid work schedules, and working parents at home with kids learning online, it has been wildly exacerbated!

Creating an Ideal Calendar is essential for productivity, but readjusting that with the seasons is crucial for your success.
  • Ideal Calendars can help you connect your priorities with your time management plan but they can become obsolete if you don’t update them to match your current circumstances.

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