10 Covid C’s for Fan Engagement: What Sports Can Do Now

Available for Interviews: Rob Cornilles.

For a quarter century Rob Cornilles has been known as the “sales coach for sports.” His firm, Game Face, Inc., pioneered executive training for professional and collegiate sports teams and has since advised more than 40,000 executives at more than 300 sports brands worldwide, forever changing how sports and entertainment properties connect with their fans.  


Talking Points from Rob Cornilles 
on How Athletes Can Stay Connected With Their Fans
and Keep the Excitement Alive

Athletes and the professionals around sports will be the agents of healing for their city, state, country, and the world when this thing is lifted. Think NY Yankees after 9/11. What a responsibility! They better get ready.

My “10 Covid Cs” for Fan Engagement:

    1. People crave COMMUNITY. Sports is where it can happen now—virtually.
    2. We need CALM. Kids, even adults, need to know that all will be okay. When sports is happening, it takes us away from the pressures and anxieties of daily life. Franchises can be the driver of calm now, too.
    3. COURAGE. Leaders go first. Smart organizations will lead out.
    4. CONNECTION. Teams and players can use technology (Zoom, FaceTime, Hangouts) to reach out in ways never dreamed of before this. It will build memories and deepen loyalties like no fastball ever could.
    5. When we have CERTAINTY, all is well. When we don’t, people withdraw. Teams—stable brands that aren’t going anywhere—need to provide consistency for people’s lives.
    6. Bring CHEER to fans and clients. Place random calls, schedule video chats, show funny videos of players at home.
    7. COACHING is not just relegated to the sidelines, it happens with teams’ corporate partners, too. Take advantage of this ‘downtime’ to do a Relationship Audit with sponsors, season ticket holders, suite buyers. Talk about how to make the partnership better than ever.
    8. COMPETE to help your fans and accounts win. Show how your engines are revving so that when the green light goes on, you’re ready to partner with them to leave their competitors (that don’t have a relationship with you) in the dust.
    9. CONVERT your fans to your brand by exceeding their expectations. In turn, they’ll convert others to your brand.
    10. C(Q)UICK results. Don’t wait for your next or first game to impress and delight. Do something for them today! Send a gift, make that call, do a Zoom Happy Hour w/ your coach and their employees.


Interview: Rob Cornilles.

Rob Cornilles is the Founder and CEO of Game Face. Today, its proprietary methodologies are being adopted in such diverse markets as tech, professional and financial services, retail, law, media, and manufacturing. When not training professional and collegiate organizations, Rob serves as an adjunct professor at Brigham Young University’s Marriott School and Maryville University (St. Louis, MO). His upcoming book, From Backboards to Boardrooms, is due out later this year.

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