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Leni Rivera is a Workplace Experience specialist and author of its very first book in the industry, Workplace Experience. Her passion is creating work environments that enable employees to be both productive and happy, regardless of where that is. 

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on Workplace Evolution

This time last year, virtually every company around the world shut the doors of their offices and those that couldn’t asked their employees to work from home. The definition of a workplace began its unforeseeable transformation from a physical office space to a virtual room from anywhere. . . or did it?

      • The pandemic caused our perception of the workplace to catch up with reality.

The reality is that this transformation had already started occurring over a decade ago. The pandemic that struck the world simply caused our perception of the workplace to finally catch up with this reality.

In 2019 (12 months before the pandemic struck), The International Workplace Group (IWG) released their annual Global Workplace Survey report, in which they examined responses from over 15,000 professionals from 80 countries. This report revealed that 70% of professionals globally work remotely at least one day a week, and more than half work remotely at least half of the week.

    • Because EVERYONE was forced to WFH, we collectively experienced the importance of carrying out the company’s priorities, values, and culture.

Working remotely is not a new concept, it was just perceived differently. Companies considered those who worked from home and those who worked in the office, as separate entities. They invested their resources on the workplace experience of the physical workplace, while disregarding the home workplace environment. But the pandemic has altered that perception. Everyone from the top executives down was forced to work from home, and thus experienced together the importance of a consistent conveyance of the company’s culture for all employees, regardless of where they work.

    • The corporate world is redefining the “workplace” post-pandemic to stay ahead of the curve.

Taking this new perception into consideration, the corporate world is now facing an evolution in how they will redefine their “workplace” moving forward, post-pandemic. Some companies have evolved to a fully remote workforce, shifting the workplace to the home environment. Some have a hybrid approach. And others are adhering to a fully office-based work environment. Regardless of how this is defined, what is undoubtedly clear is that resources need to be invested in both environments in order to ensure that the corporate culture is consistently felt by all employees, anywhere.

    • Corporate culture is the glue that holds all working environments together.

To demonstrate how this is possible, here is a model of a potential hybrid scenario with employees working in both locations:

    • The evolving workplace is an exciting and revolutionary time in business.

What is clear when evolving into a hybrid type scenario is that the Home Office is now incorporated into the total Corporate Work Environment, and no longer discounted as a separate entity. This allows a deliberate focus on ensuring the Corporate Culture’s values and experiences are clearly seen, felt, and included in all workspaces, through shared policies, programs, and activities.

    • People remain a company’s greatest asset.

As companies continue to redefine their perceptions of a workplace, what remains important is that a company’s biggest asset is its people. Therefore now, more than ever, it is vital to ensure that all employees are able to thrive, from anywhere.


Interview: Leni Rivera

Leni Rivera is a Workplace Experience specialist and author of its very first book in the industry. Her passion is creating work environments that enable employees to be both productive and happy, regardless of where that is.

With a 20-year career spanning three continents and in corporate leadership roles in Interior Design, Real Estate Development, and Global Workplace Services, Leni has the unique ability to understand the impact of a physical environment on employee behavior, and corporate cultures.
Today, as the world begins emerging from the pandemic and organizations start to rethink the future of their workplace, Leni is front and center helping leaders and peers develop a Workplace Experience that drives safety, flexibility, and productivity, allowing employees and businesses to continue to thrive.

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