Rescue Dogs & Covid: What Happened and What to Expect

Available for Interviews: Wendy Diamond

Wendy Diamond is a social entrepreneur, impact investor, humanitarian, endangered animal and rescue advocate, world’s premier pet lifestyle expert, bestselling author, and TV personality.

What Wendy Diamond can say in an interview on
Rescue Dogs & Covid:

      • Why were adoptions at an unprecedented rate during the pandemic? People were locked inside and wanted companionship. That’s great.  The problem is, we had an unusually high number of people returning pets as things opened up.

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End-of-Year Giving: 5 Ways to Be More Generous

Available for Interviews: Melissa Myers.

Melissa Myers, CFP® is a comprehensive financial planner and co-founder of Kar-Mel Financial Planners, and the bestselling author of Going Rogue! Unconventional Financial Strategies for Women.

What Melissa Myers can say in an interview on
End-of-Year Giving:

Time is currency. If you’re unsure about how much money to give or where to give money, give your time. When you give your time you’re building connections with people and causes. This will help you decide when, where, and how much money to give.

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