Child Custody: How To Move Forward

Interview Carol Barkes:

As a certified professional mediator specializing in child custody and bestselling author, Carol Barkes deals with topics like this daily and also lives this reality with her 15-year-old son.

1)  Create room to grieve – even if the estrangement happened years ago, holidays will bring hurt to the surface.  Allow room to process emotions.

2)  Create new traditions – life, as it was, is no longer available but you can still create new traditions that will become future memories.  Do not try to make it seem like nothing has changed. Instead, make the best of life as it is now.

3)  Create opportunities to reach out to the estranged parent – Kids need both their parents.  Let them know it is okay to reach out and also help them manage their expectations for doing so. Help them understand the response may not be fulfilling emotionally but they can still make a kind gesture.  

4)  80% of children estranged from a parent will reach out to that parent in adulthood.  Consider helping them do so earlier so there is less baggage to heal later.

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