Digital Marketing: Burn Your Funnel and Start Over

Geeta Nadkarni is an expert in the field of publicity, marketing, and helping small business owners to grow their businesses. Before, she used to be obsessed with the latest tools and tech until she realized she was asking the wrong questions. It’s a little like arguing over paint colors before buying the house.

What Geeta Can Say on This Topic:

We used to have a terribly complex, segmented funnel using all sorts of tools to deliver all sorts of products at price points ranging from $7 to $3500.

But, we found that for each product we created to fill a “gap” in our pricing ladder, we created a bunch of marketing busy work for ourselves. After all, each product needs to be marketed separately and then integrated into the overall funnel. We realized we were spending 80% of our time and resources marketing instead of doing the part we adored: serving our clients and helping them create magnetic messaging that attracted both press and ideal clients.

So we basically burned everything to the ground and rebuilt a funnel that is incredibly simple. Just 3 steps:

    1. Clarity of mindset and messaging: Making sure that you’re creating something that TRULY solves clients’ problems rather than getting them to a milestone along the way and then finding the words that act as a dog whistle to those clients.
    2. Simplifying the Selling: We created a single high ticket offer that was comprehensive – basically a business in a box – that helps clients build and sell high ticket group programs at $3500 and up (we have clients selling all the way up to $25K and 40K using our system). Our selling scripts work for ANY coaching, consulting or service-based business and feel fantastic both to the seller and buyer because they’re so incredibly transformative. We give our clients a proven framework that helps them sell from the stage, in person, on the phone and online. And close sales in a single conversation, even at a premium price point.
    3. Amplifying by getting massive press and hacking audiences that others have paid to build and nurture. From mainstream press to podcasts, speaking engagements, and even FB groups, ideal prospects are everywhere and once your messaging is dialed in and you have the right offer, it becomes EFFORTLESS to make a bigger impact and income.

We’ve had clients go from losing money and spinning their wheels to closing  $36K in 3 weeks, $50K in 8 weeks and $92K in 6 weeks. And those are just some of the many, many examples I could share.

What makes us different? (and again, this goes back to asking the RIGHT question, the DEEPER question, is not just our distilled tactics. It’s the fact that when we work with clients, we do so on a conscious tactical level and also on a subconscious level. We have a hypnotherapist on our team and one of the most powerful things we do is help clients break through the limiting beliefs they’ve been carrying around – the ones that jam their intuition and prevent them from closing sales with ideal prospects.

We use press and FB ads to bring clients into our funnel, Infusionsoft for email marketing, ScheduleOnce to schedule epiphany calls, Wufoo for our application form and Every webinar to run our online masterclass. Stripe and Paypal to process payments. Simple and clean.


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Geeta Nadkarni is an expert in the field of publicity, marketing, and helping small business owner to grow their businesses. She is also an award-winning journalist, national speaker, and is passionate about entrepreneurship and DIY business growth strategies.

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