9 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a Book

Available for Interviews:  Trevor Crane,
Publisher, Epic Author Publishing

Many people hear that a book would be helpful in promoting their business.  The problem is, after writing the book, people forget the 50+ ways they could be using it to grow business.  Here are 9 . . .

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Want to Build a Business? You Need a Book

Available for Interviews:  Trevor Crane,
Publisher, Epic Author Publishing

Trevor Crane is an entrepreneur, author and speaker dedicated to helping you take your life and your business to the next level. For over a decade, he has worked relentlessly to help people from  around the world turn their passions into books, and be able to actually turn them into a business.  His latest passion is helping kids to realize they have something to contribute and can become published authors. He and his daughter are on a mission to help 1000 kids become authors.

What Trevor Crane Could Say in an Interview on
Why It’s Important to Have a Book

Digital Marketing: Burn Your Funnel and Start Over

Geeta Nadkarni is an expert in the field of publicity, marketing, and helping small business owners to grow their businesses. Before, she used to be obsessed with the latest tools and tech until she realized she was asking the wrong questions. It’s a little like arguing over paint colors before buying the house.
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Risks Small Business Owners Don’t Even Know They Have

Interview Geeta Nadkarni

Geeta Nadkarni is an expert in the field of publicity, marketing, and helping small business owners to grow their businesses and here are a few things she would say in an interview:

Daring to Follow Your Dreams—Despite the Doubters

Geeta Nadkarni, founder of: babygotbooked.com and impactwithinfluence.com
writes about overcoming the naysayers of the world. . . .

When I first had the idea to turn my knowledge of PR and messaging into an online course, it was as if I grew a second head! Everyone either didn’t understand what I was trying to do, or thought I was an irresponsible idiot for investing my meager savings in pursuing my dreams by coaching others.

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What Makes Employees Fully Engaged at Work?

Years ago, people would get a job and stay with it for years; possibly until retirement.  Today, we live in a much different environment where employees look for jobs that align with their values and easily move to other companies, if the environment doesn’t suit them.  Consequently, it is not unusual to see employees change jobs as regularly as every couple of years, if not more frequently. On the flip side, some employees stay in their positions but lose their passion for performing at peak levels gradually over time.  So what are some things employers can do to keep employees engaged and dedicated to their organization?

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Coaching Is a Billion Dollar Industry: How to Avoid the Fake Guru’s

Coaching is a billion dollar industry. But, this is a bubble industry.  So how does one avoid the fake gurus?

Coaching has become a bad word because there are too many folks out there calling themselves coaches and offering to help you do something they have not been able to accomplish themselves. They read books and apply theory without having field tested it themselves, which breaks hearts and leaves a ton of disappointed clients.

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Amplifying Business Income and Having Impact

How a Business Can Amplify Its Income and Have an Impact

What Geeta Nadkarni, successful business coach and founder of Impact with Influence can say on the topic:

“I help subject matter experts, coaches, consultants and service providers design high ticket programs and learn how to attract, close and satisfy their ideal clients in a way that they have never experienced before. We do this by working with you both on a conscious strategic level as well as on a subconscious mindset level because we know that we can give you the best, most distilled strategy in the world. But if you’ve got limiting beliefs holding you back from taking action, they won’t work.”

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Dating Etiquette in the Workplace: What You Need to Know

When you are dating your coworker, keep business trips, PDA appropriateness, and superior/subordinate issues in mind.

Diane HamiltonProfessor, Author, and Business Leadership Expert weighs in on this important topic.

Follow these tips and avoid the common pitfalls associated with office romances:

  • Don’t Make People Feel Uncomfortable. I have taught more than 1000 business courses, and many are HR-based.  Workplace romance is more common than most people think.  It might surprise you to know that many workplace romances include top-level people.  Recent research published by SHRM showed that nearly 40% were owners and executives. What is interesting is that 1 in 5 workers responded that they have observed relationships at work that they consider inappropriate.

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