How to Stop Procrastinating Once and For All

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Alice Fong, ND, is an integrative naturopathic doctor specializing in stress, integrative medicine, diet & weight loss, and is a business growth consultant for holistic healthcare providers.

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How to Stop Procrastinating:

The Importance of Planning. If you want to be productive, planning is non-negotiable. There are a lot of strategies different people use to plan their day ahead. Some use a simple to-do-list, others apply prioritization strategies, using calendars, while others apply more comprehensive methodologies such as the Eisenhower Matrix.

How Do I Plan My Day? A to-do list is a good starting point, but taking it a step further requires you to look at the importance and urgency of the task.

Procrastinating Busting Strategies. Capture everything about your life—not just work commitments, but commitments to your health, wellbeing, families, friends, passions, hobbies, and anything else important to you.  Map it ALL out in the calendar. A lot of open time can encourage procrastination, so be sure to block them as much as you can. Break down tasks into smaller manageable chunks so you don’t get overwhelmed. For tasks you consistently put off and never get around to, it might mean you need to get another person involved to hold you accountable.  Sometimes, the more you share what you’re up to, the more likely you are to do it.

Your Mindset Plays an Important Role. How you feel about a particular task may encourage you to avoid doing it. Always be objective and don’t let emotions get in the way of your accomplishments. Think of the bigger purpose—why do I have to do this? What’s in it for me? What value add does this task have? What will happen if I don’t get to complete it?


Interview: Dr. Alice Fong

Known as the “Virtual Stress Doc,” Alice Fong, ND,  helps busy professionals break free from their stress and anxiety so that they can focus on what matters to them using a 5-step holistic approach. She is the founder and CEO of Amour de Soi Wellness, which offers one-on-one wellness programs, corporate wellness workshops, e-learning, and resilience training courses. 

Dr. Alice is also a business growth consultant for holistic healthcare providers and coaches those who want to build a virtual practice. She owns a second business called Thriving Wellness Practice, which she launched in order to expand her reach and impact of integrative medicine around the globe, by helping practitioners help more people.
She also co-hosts a Video Podcast Show called “HappyTalks with Dr. Alice and Donovon,” and has given talks around the country for healthcare providers, corporations, organizations, women’s conferences and for the general public. She is a world traveler, CrossFit athlete, and lover of personal development and authentic deep conversations.
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