Mindset Fixes: How to Achieve All of Your Goals in 2021

Available for Interviews: Dr. Travis Parry

Travis Parry, PhD, is a speaker, coach, and educator and has a passion for helping others in achieve a healthy work/life balance. Parry is also the author of the #1 bestseller, Achieving Balance: Make Time to Reach Your Business and Personal Goals in an Overworked World. 

What Dr. Parry Can Say in an Interview on Achieving Goals:

    • What holds people back the most in setting and achieving goals are the fears that they face. 
    • Subconsciously they are keeping you from moving forward, while consciously they are actually motivating you, and thereby creating a tug of war in your mind that causes a lot of stress.

    1. Fear of Failure keeps people from setting new goals because they don’t want to lose time, a relationship, or money. This fear comes from trying and failing in the past and leads to self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and failing before you even try.
    2. Fear of Success keeps people from achieving goals because they are afraid of what will happen when they do. Maybe it changes a relationship, creates complexity, or attention on the person. This fear comes from a perfectionist mindset and usually leads to analysis paralysis preventing people from tying the knot, investing in the market, or even taking their dream job.

How to Solve Mindset Problems

      • Clearing these blocks comes best through a Cognitive/Behavioral Approach, and is as simple as ABCDE.
      • Understanding what you can control and how to let go of what you can’t allows one to move past self-sabotage and even Imposter Syndrome.
      • Subconscious blocks or fears once cleared can help a business owner triple his/her salary, lose the nagging weight, or be happy in a relationship.
      • Managing your time is the ultimate weapon to being able to automatically achieve your goals without fearing the outcome.


Interview: Dr. Travis Parry

Travis Parry, received his masters in psychology and his doctorate in family and human development. He is a speaker, coach, educator, and author of Achieving Balance: Make Time to Reach Your Business and Personal Goals in an Overworked World. Originally started out as a financial advisor twenty years ago, Parry now coaches and speaks in the personal development space, whose primary mission is to help financial professionals and business owners to make healthy relationship and career changes that can positively affect their lives so that they can live with true purpose.

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