March Is Obesity Awareness Month. Let’s Talk About Real Solutions to This Disease

Available for Interviews: Dr. Franchell Hamilton

Dr. Franchell Hamilton, MD, FACS, FASMBS, FOMA, is the Founder of NeuroSwitch™ Weigh Loss–a place for people to receive treatments ranging from bariatric surgery and medical weight loss to hormone therapy. Dr. Hamiltion is also the author of two books; Transformation Is a Mindset: The Journey to Changing Your Input and Your World and And the Best Diet Is . . . .

What Dr. Hamilton could say on
Obesity Awareness Month:

    • March 4th is World Obesity Day.
    • Americans are paying more attention to obesity (since Covid).
      A few interesting things are happening / to talk about this month.
    • Obesity is actually a disease and not a lifestyle.

    • There’s a bill (TROA: Treat, Reduce Obesity Act). Politicians want to add more obesity coverage . . . Covering obesity as the disease it is.
    • Obesity is not a calories in/calories out equation.  There are many other factors, like the neuroscience behind it. Other factors: genetics, epigenetics, environment, culture, experiences, excessive calories, type of food consumed, and sedentary lifestyle.
    • As a society, we are focused on blame and that “they chose it.”
      People don’t choose to be obese. This is a real disease and should be diagnosed and treated that way. 
    • There needs to be policy coverage to help more people and make bariatric surgery available to more people. This is a metabolic disease.
    • The Obesity Action Coalition, OAC, is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to giving a voice to the millions of Americans affected by the disease of obesity and empowering them along their journey toward better health. Visit OAC to learn more.

Horrible Realities of Obesity

    • Diet-related deaths in the US outrank deaths from smoking.
    • Half of US deaths are from heart disease.
    • Dietary risks were responsible for 11 million deaths over a period of time, according to some studies.
    • Nine hundred people die daily from heart disease, which is linked to a poor diet.
    • Artificial sweeteners and processed meats are the most notable here in the US.
    • Obesity has become the 3rd global killer among lifestyle diseases, which can also be tracked in the US diet.
    • The US can not fix hunger by feeding people cheap, high-calorie processed food; this just worsens the cardiac and obesity epidemic—this food is the most abundant here in the US and has spread globally.

How We Can ACT to
Resolve Our Diet Problem

        1. Treat food as medicine.
        2. Make healthy food affordable.
        3. Insurers should pay for healthy groceries and health/nutrition education.
        4. Programs like WIC should focus on the quality of food, not the amount of food; food stamps should require quality over quantity.
        5. All Americans should get preventative behavioral lifestyle coverage
        6. Support our farmers.
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Interview: Dr. Franchell Hamilton

Dr. Hamilton is a Triads Award-Winning, Board Certified Surgeon who gave up operating on the stomach to operating on the mind to treat chronic conditions such as obesity and diabetes. She is the author of two books, Transformation is a mindset: The Journey to Changing Your Input and Your World and And the Best Diet Is . . . , and now educates other providers around the world on what she discovered in her practice through her master class.

Dr. Hamilton is passionate about helping to change the lives of those she meets through practicing medicine and consulting. As a once-practicing bariatric surgeon, Dr. Hamilton has firsthand experience addressing the challenges and pain points of patients being treated for cardiometabolic diseases. She founded NeuroSwitch™ Weigh Loss—a place for her patients to receive treatments ranging from bariatric surgery and medical weight loss to hormone therapy.

Dr. Hamilton is a podcast host on Your Health Transformed that discusses various popular and innovative health topics to challenge our current way of thinking about medicine.

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