“Muskverse” . . . Cultural Impact of Elon Musk’s Latest Move

Available for Interviews: Dr. Hope Umansky

Dr. Hope Umansky is an American Culture College Professor with a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She is also an author on educational reform, equity, inclusion, and social justice.

What Dr. Hope can say in an interview on
Elon Musk and Social Media:

    • Elon Musk is buying Twitter . . . so there can be more free speech. This certainly puts the spotlight on social media and its continued role in shaping societies.
    • One owner should not own it. We need more oversight, transparency, and the spreading of control.

    • Can we rely on one man to protect our first amendment? Can free speech be mediated by one individual? Should it be? We know what Vladamir Putin’s idea of free speech is. One individual can have a lot of power. This would put Elon Musk in a position to control the word’s dialogue. That can be worth the 44 billion to a person who has everything.
    • Would this fall under the anti-monopoly ruling? If it is truly a “Townsquare” as Elon states he envisions, then should it not be owned by the public? And then what does that mean? Does the government oversee it?
    • This topic brings to light that private entities and a board own twitter so then the broader question is, who owns discourse?
    • If discourse will be owned or is owned, then the notion of free speech is really no longer free and Elon Musk just brought this issue to the surface (which could be his whole design quite frankly).
    • Who owns what information is key to American culture as we depend on the media—not supposed to be privately owned but is—Hello! Wake up, America!
    • Journalism and free speech are a function of democracy and are supposed to be bipartisan. The press modulates what happens to ensure the constitution and other tenets of a free nation and global world are operating properly. We see they are not. What we are seeing here is cultural hegemony.
    • Having one owner of twitter is certainly worse than a board—but it brings up the issue that none of the social media or individual-owned media is a proper Townsquare.

Interview: Dr. Hope Umansky

Dr. Hope Umansky, a.k.a. Dr. Hope, is an American Culture College Professor and an author on educational reform, equity, inclusion, social justice & American culture. Her column, Dr. Hope On Point represents the intersection of historical context and popular culture, with an emphasis on the complex human experience.

Hope Umansky, PhD, offers a unique psychology-based perspective on the questions and events that weigh heavy on our hearts and minds.

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