When Toxicity Becomes Lethality (Gabby Petito Story)

Available for Interviews: Dr. Hope Umansky

Dr. Hope Umansky is an American Culture College Professor with a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Dr. Hope worked forensically in a clinical setting for 3 years treating court-ordered batterers, their victims (few were survivors), and a sexual assault response team, as well as founded the first stalking victims support group in San Diego in 1998. She also worked forensically on a psychiatric emergency team (PET) in San Diego’s most dangerous urban hospital and San Diego’s largest trauma center working with many people on parole, probation, and severe psychiatric illness. 

What Dr. Hope can say in an interview on
Domestic Violence as it pertains to the Gabby Petito story:

    • Shocking that this case has revealed that NOTHING has changed in our awareness of domestic violence and perpetrator terrorists of violence since Nicole Brown Simpson was killed. No American culture or internal police knowledge has changed, so women are still dying at a rate of 84% of all female homicides. These murders are actually FEMICIDES (the name for women partner violence that turns to murder) at the hand of a previous or current partner, love interest, or someone the woman knowingly and willingly let her into her life. 

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