Prevent the Spread of COVID This Winter With These New Gloves

Available for Interviews: Leonard Butterman

Leonard Butterman is the President of BioSafe Gloves, LLC. Right now we have face masks and rubber gloves for safety but there’s a big problem. Neither kills viruses. In fact, the gloves people use now just move viruses and bacteria around. There is a new tool on the market, BioSafe Gloves. These gloves kill viruses.

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What Leonard Butterman can say in an interview:

Now is not the time to relax your preventative measures during this second wave. Even though people are Covid weary, you still need to fight and keep your guard up. 

    • Stay safe this Thanksgiving!
    • BioSafe Gloves is a new product that kills viruses [see news release].
    • Our company has created the BioSafe Gloves. These gloves stop the spread and growth of viruses on contact.
    • The Global Virus Network has confirmed that our gloves kill COVID-19 as well as other viruses. [See news release]. 
    • The best way to protect yourself is to use BioSafe Gloves along with a mask. 
    • This is groundbreaking new step in the fight against COVID. It is the first glove that prevents the spread and growth of bacteria on the glove. Its game-changing technology. The gloves are treated with BioProtect TM
    • Food SafeEPA registered, FDA approved antimicrobial. 
    • The chemical is proven to last for up to 30 days once you start wearing the gloves.
    • Why would anyone not want this glove? Everyone needs to help stop the spread.
    • This is a game changer in the fight. We can provide any data you need on this story.

EVERY extra safety step we take makes a difference in stopping the spread of this virus and keeping us safe. Kill the Turkey—and the virus—this Thanksgiving, and keep your loved ones safe this year.

Commercial of BioSafe Gloves
as seen on CNN and Fox:

BioSafe Gloves

“In today’s world, we can all better protect ourselves now with BioSafe Gloves. Wearing these gloves and doing everyday activities will make the world a safer place.”    –Leonard Butterman


Interview: Leonard Butterman

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