The Shocking Truth About Aretha Franklin’s Estate-Planning Mistakes

Available for Interviews: Glenn Matecun.

Glenn Metecun is an estate-planning attorney who speak about Aretha Franklin’s estate planning mistakes.

Below are a few things Glenn Matecun can say on this story:

  • Aretha Franklin was a talented performer, but her brilliance on the stage didn’t keep her from making a mess out of her $80 million estate.
  • Franklin was divorced and had four grown children, one of whom has special needs, yet she did not have a Will or a Trust.
  • Her lack of planning means that the court will appoint a person to be in charge of her estate, and that may not be the person she trusted or wanted in charge.
  • Distribution of her assets will be delayed, ugly family squabbles are likely, and her special needs son may lose governmental benefits because his inheritance wasn’t properly structured.
  • Add to all of that, the recent discovery of three versions of handwritten documents that may or may not be considered valid Wills, and you have a real mess.
  • This doesn’t happen to just the rich or famous—it can happen to anyone.  The bright side is that with some basic planning, you won’t leave your estate in debacle for your family.

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