There’s No Such Thing as a Flu Season …

It’s a Not Taking Care of Yourself Season …What to do to avoid the flu

Interview one of our doctors on this topic:

What one of our health/wellness doctors can say:

-There is so much fear around the flu.  Why is there so much fear around it? There are always numbers around how many people die. Often it’s really other complications, not the flu.

-This year the flu shot is only 10% effective according to the CDC. Most pediatricians and pharmacists advocate for a flu shot when they should be advocating for healthy living.

-10% effectiveness is not good enough.  We have to be the change and live healthier lives

-Should we be concerned with the ingredients and aluminum in the flu shot?

What to do to avoid the flu and live healthier:

-The sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is at it’s lowest in the winter… Supplement and get more sunlight! Go out and enjoy the sun. It’ll make you healthier.  

-The holiday treats!  Avoid all the processed food and sugar that suppresses the immune system.

-Even though the weather is colder, you need to make a point to include more exercise. Not exercising could lead to colds and flu. Exercising can lead to great bathing suit bodies.

-Take time to … breathe!  Breathing exercises, yoga, stretching … will help dissipate stress, elevate your mood, and release feel good chemicals.  This is a natural way to stave off sickness.

-Keep your spine and nervous system healthy with good posture and adjustments. Protect your nervous system because it’s all connected… and specifically the immune system. Your nervous system is connected to and controls your immune system.

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