4 Steps to Calm Our Busy Brains

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Alice Fong, ND, is an integrative naturopathic doctor specializing in stress, integrative medicine, diet & weight loss, and is a business growth consultant for holistic healthcare providers.

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on Dealing With Difficult Thoughts

Sometimes our minds become fixated on a thought that we become obsessed with, and it ends up causing us uncomfortable feelings such as stress, anxiety, fear, anger, or sadness.

Thoughts and feelings are normal to have, it’s part of being a human being.  

We can’t necessarily stop the thoughts and feelings from happening, but if we practice mindfulness, we can learn to develop an awareness of them and the impact they have on us, so they don’t have such a tight grip over us to the point where it wreaks havoc on our life!

Here are the 4 steps you can take when a persistent difficult thought keeps coming into your mind:

    1. Give yourself the space and grace to allow the thought to happen, don’t try to suppress or avoid it. This allows us to take a step back to observe the thought so we can look at it deeper and process it.
    2. Acknowledge the thought for what it is. . . “just a thought.”  Understand that your thoughts may not be true, real, or useful. When an uncomfortable thought comes into your mind, you can say “Why, hello, thought. What silly things are you trying to tell me today?”
    3. Evaluate if the thought is helpful or not, by asking yourself, Is this a helpful thought?  Will this thought help me in taking action towards my goals and accomplish what I want out of life? Is this thought productive for me to have?  Will this thought bring me more joy or more suffering? Am I dwelling in the past or worrying about the future? Most times, these thoughts are NOT helpful.
    4. Thank your brain for the thought and just let it go and bring your mind back to the present moment. You can say to yourself, “Thank you brain for the thought but that is not really useful or helpful right now.” Then bring your attention back to your breath and focus on what is important to you.

Difficult thoughts most likely WILL come back into your brain but just go through the steps again each time it does and it will slowly lose its grip over you that causes so much distress.


Interview: Dr. Alice Fong

Known as the “Virtual Stress Doc,” Alice Fong, ND,  helps busy professionals break free from their stress and anxiety so that they can focus on what matters to them using a 5-step holistic approach. She is the founder and CEO of Amour de Soi Wellness, which offers one-on-one wellness programs, corporate wellness workshops, e-learning, and resilience training courses. 

Dr. Alice is also a business growth consultant for holistic healthcare providers and coaches those who want to build a virtual practice. She owns a second business called Thriving Wellness Practice, which she launched in order to expand her reach and impact of integrative medicine around the globe, by helping practitioners help more people.
She also co-hosts a Video Podcast Show called “HappyTalks with Dr. Alice and Donovon,” and has given talks around the country for healthcare providers, corporations, organizations, women’s conferences and for the general public. She is a world traveler, CrossFit athlete, and lover of personal development and authentic deep conversations.
Learn more about Dr. Alice Fong at www.dralicefong.com

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