Is Your Teenager Depressed? 5 Red Flags

Available for Interviews: Dr. Pete Loper

Dr. Pete Loper, MD, MSEd, FAAP, is a triple board-certified physician in pediatrics, psychiatry, and child psychiatry. He is also a professor and executive coach and is dedicated to mental health and wellness advocacy.

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Determining Your Teen’s Possible Depression:

As a pediatrician, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, and the parent of a teenager, I believe that the best strategy to support our teenagers’ wellbeing is to engage in a consistent practice of meaningful interaction.  Being intentional with dedicating a few minutes a day to “check in” with your adolescent can go a long way.  But even with a consistent and open dialogue regarding their mental health, teenagers may not always be forthcoming in telling you how they feel.  Life gets busy, and there are more distractions today than ever.  Given their independence and reluctance to fully express themselves, especially to mom or dad, it is important to be on the lookout for “red flags” that may indicate that they may be experiencing depression.  Below are 5 “red flags” that may indicate that your teenager is experiencing a depressive episode.  To determine if your adolescent might be at risk for depression ask the following questions: 

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