Get That Raise: 5 To-Do Tasks to Get the Confidence to Ask

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Julie DeLucca-Collins shows people how to create simple habits and go from overwhelm to self-doubt to having more peace, purpose, power,  passion, and prosperity. She is the author of Confident You: Simple Habits to Live the Life You Have Imagined.

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Gaining the Confidence to Ask for a Raise:

Most people cringe at the thought of asking their boss for a pay raise. Asking for a raise can be intimidating, but most company managers and business owners want to take good care of their employees, and chances are your reminder will be taken seriously. Here are 5 actionable ways you can build your case for a raise, and gain the confidence you need along the way:

 1. Self Evaluate (create evidence of your good work and improve on areas of growth). Describe how your accomplishments have positively impacted your department and company as a whole. If there are areas of growth for you, create a development plan for yourself. As you ask for a raise you don’t want to find out that there are areas you need to become better. Showing your boss you are willing to self-develop shows initiative.

 2. ROI and Data, show how you have contributed to your company and what has been their return on investment for what you do. For example, you could say, “In the past year, I generated 5,000 leads for the company, which is an increase of 8% from the prior year. The resulting sales equaled $58,000 in new business.”

 3. Present a plan for your future commitment and how you are invested in the long run of the company. Gaining and retaining talent is challenging at times. Most companies like to grow from within. Let your boss know that you are committed and invested in your business. This will allow your business to invest in you. 

 4. Research your worth and come up with a viable number. The best way to ask for a raise is to do your research and know your worth, then approach your boss in a professional manner. While the process seems intimidating and uncomfortable, it doesn’t have to be. The average pay raise is 3%. A good pay raise ranges from 4.5% to 6%, and anything more than that is considered exceptional. 

 5. Role-play the ask and know the objections they may have. Know how to overcome them. Ask a trusted friend or mentor who is in a leadership position to role play with you the “ask.” This will help you practice your talking points and gain confidence. Also anticipating any objections that may arise will allow you practice overcoming them and not be blindsided. 


Interview: Julie DeLucca-Collins

Julie DeLucca-Collins is a coach who helps individuals and businesses identify their dreams and create a road map to get there. She helps people navigate through the real or perceived obstacles in the way. Clients gain new confidence to take bigger leaps. She recently released her new book,  Confident You: Simple Habits to Live the Life You Have Imagined. For more information visit:


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