3 Reasons Why The #MeToo Movement Isn’t Enough

Dr. Colleen Cira helps people with many psychological and behavioral difficulties. One of her primary areas of specialty is the treatment of relationship problems and sexual abuse/assault.

Here are a few things she could say in an interview about #MeToo:

      1. The #MeToo movement has been incredible in so many ways – calling out perpetrators, holding perpetrators accountable, helping to remove some of the stigma associated with being a survivor among many others – but it’s not enough. 
      2. Sexual Violence is a SOCIETAL problem and a SYSTEMATIC problem, NOT just a Woman’s Problem. 
        • We need more than just one group of people (women) talking about this.
        • We need men to speak up and be allies.
        • We need the legal system to change to make it easier for women to come forward. 
      3. It puts pressure on women to disclose their sexual trauma histories. 
        • It exacerbates this idea that women should be sharing their stories, confronting their perpetrators, etc when this doesn’t necessarily help, or even advisable, for every survivor. 
      4. It inadvertently devalues survivors who do not disclose. 
        • People who disclose are viewed as brave, strong, etc which only serves to further isolate, shame and criticize those who aren’t ready to disclose yet.
        • We should be applauding all survivors for simply surviving, rather than whether or not they share their story with the world.

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