5 Crucial Things We Must Do to Improve the US Healthcare System

Available for Interviews: Dr. Reagan B. Anderson

Dr. Anderson is the author of Universal Death Care: A Solution for Healthcare in the Age of Entitlement. Dr. Anderson was a combat doctor in Iraq and has since run a successful medical clinic in the U.S. He wrote this book because he is tired of profit-driven policies that don’t support American’s health. For this reason, Anderson has dedicated his life to changing healthcare in America.

What Dr. Anderson Can Say in an Interview on
How to Improve the US Healthcare System

This conversation is so important to have in this moment in time. The pandemic has exposed even more cracks in the system which negatively affects the overall health and wellbeing of people in America. Here are 5 crucial ways we can exact change:

 1) Have one set of rules that insurance companies, healthcare providers, and patients must follow = price and rule transparency. This would save $5B/year in the US—enough money to insure every citizen, reduce all copays and deductibles to zero, and have money left over to take better care of our elderly.

 2) Do not allow the payroll tax cut to happen. Medicare was set to go bankrupt by 2026. If employees are not paying their payroll taxes, that 1.45% that the employee pays toward Medicare is no longer being collected. This will likely make Medicare go bankrupt by 2022 or 2023.

 3) Allow the government to price negotiate for prescriptions. Canadians pay about half as much for their prescriptions as we do in the USA. Pharmaceutical companies think that raising prices every year of 10% or less is reasonable despite what inflation is. 

 4) Teach diet and exercise to everyone, including healthcare providers. Your healthcare provider knows little to nothing about prevention because they were not taught it and they get paid more to treat disease than to prevent disease. 

 5) Major overhaul of the food industry and educate everyone on the consequences of the over industrialization of our food. If you consume more than 4 ultra-processed foods a day (cereals, hot dogs, frozen pizzas, lunch meat, soda, french fries, etc.) you have a 62% increased chance of dying from all causes according to a study performed in 2019. Yet, that is the Standard American Diet.

The fiscally conservative and the socially responsible approaches to medicine CAN come together and find common sense for the betterment of all.


Interview: Dr. Reagan B. Anderson

Dr. Reagan Anderson is an Osteopathic Doctor (DO) who specializes in general Dermatology and in Mohs Micrographic Surgery for the treatment of skin cancer. Dr. Anderson moved to Vancouver, British Columbia where he attained his Bachelor of Science and Biology from the University of British Columbia and a Master of Christian Studies degree from Regent College. Dr. Anderson was then invited to attend the founding Osteopathic Medical School, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Upon matriculation, Dr. Anderson was commissioned in the United States Navy where he spent the majority of his time serving the United States Marine Corps as the First Reconnaissance Battalion Surgeon. Dr. Anderson states, “Over the five years I spent in the U.S. Navy, it was my distinct honor to serve the medical needs of the military men and women of our great country. This experience, particularly my tours in Iraq where I treated U.S. and coalition military members as well as Iraqi civilians, gave me extensive experience in recognizing and treating the underlying causes of dermatologic conditions.”

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